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    >> MOTOAIR was founded in 1972 and began to dedicate itself to the development of motorcycle airbag jacket for wearing in 1994. Meanwhile, as an original manufacturer, we design airbag jackets, which have been sold all over the world, for many firms of international names on customization basis.

MOTOAIR, motorcycle airbag jacket is necessary equipment for modern motorcyclists. Designed like a shock absorber system, its airbag system can protect the vulnerable and fatal human parts like chest, spine, abdomen, cervical spine and waist. With these parts effectively protected, MOTOAIR avoids severe injuries or death caused by unexpected impacts during the high-speed ride. MOTOAIR can be one of the safety gears for motorcyclists or horsemen as well as a significant safety reform since the century.


In an event of accident to a motorcyclist or a horseman, at the moment the motorcyclist falls or is thrown in the air, the impact set of the Airbag System instantly senses it and releases CO2 gas which immediate inflates the air bag in 0.015 seconds and fulfill within 0.188 seconds, such that the protecting nets are deployed for every critical parts of the body.

1972︰ MOTOAIR were founded
1994︰ Made a remarkable transition from traditional industries , began the research of motorcycle airbags that can be dressed.
1998︰ Created the first set of motorcycle riders airbags and obtained the Taiwan invention patent.
1999︰ Motorcycle airbag successfully achieved the new German patent.
1999︰ Motorcycle airbag successfully achieved the Japan patent.
1999︰ Motorcycle airbag successfully obtained patents in Australia and China, will make the other countries patens in the future.
2002︰ Motorcycle airbag parts put through the SGS attempt.
2002︰ Won the National Invention Exhibition Golden Brain Award - a gold medal.
2002︰ Won the European AUTO PLUS product design evaluation - the highest honor the five-star award.
2002︰ The current Taiwan's top ten outstanding research director awarded inventor.
2005︰ Motorcycle airbag successfully obtained US patent.
2006︰ Accomplished the inspection in the vehicle equipment safety testing center at Detroit.
2006︰ Succeeded in securing the motorcycle airbag order of the police uniform in Baltimore.
2007︰ Succeeded in securing the motorcycle airbag order of the traffic police uniform in New Taipei City.
2009︰ Accomplished the inspection of the motorcycle airbag parts at TUV.
2014︰ Accomplished the high speed camera testing at ARTC.
2014︰ Succeeded in securing the motorcycle airbag order of the traffic police uniform in Costa Rica.
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