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    1. Choose to use either large or small steel ring according to model of your motorcycle airbag jacket.
    2. Put the jacket on and be sure to pull the breast flap zipper up.
    3. ngage the safe string inside the clothes and the steel ring.
    4. Sample Video
    How to reuse
    1. Automatic inflation to the motorcycle airbag jacket will complete within 0.188 seconds when an accident occurs. Please take off the clothes first after use.
    2. Unzip the lower part of the clothes and feel for the CO2 cylinder (CO2 bottle) inside. Remove the cylinder by rotating it, and the airbag clothes will deflate automatically. Meanwhile, squeeze-rolling the clothes in the direction of the airbag swelling can help speed up the deflation. Bear in mind to check for any pointed objects such as keys in the pockets, as these may puncture the airbag during the deflation.
    3. After the deflation, please remember to re-pack the neck airbag into place in a manner of folding a folding fan rather than rolling it.
    4. At this point, the black square impact lever is seen in open position. Be sure to press it back in the square impact set.
    5. Push the black separator back to place.
    6. The CO2 cylinder should not be reused. Please purchase a new cylinder from the original dealer. Install the new cylinder in the final step.
    7. Sample Video
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