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    >> As a motorcyclist, I am aware of the constant danger rider are faced with; careless and day dreaming driver (or a driver busy on the mobile phone), animals that suddenly cross your path (black dog on a badly lit road) or other countless reasons. Heck, even a dead bird can do bad enough damage.
After your head, I think the second most critical part to protect is your upper body. Sure, you've got your hi-tec body armours, jackets, pants, pads and protectors. But your upper body can use some cushioning during a fall or impact.  For this reason, I started looking around the globe (www) for a good yet affordable solution. Most of the ones I came across were too pricey for myself and most riders on the road and they pretty much meant buying a new jacket altogether.
We'll I've found a very good and affordable solution to this...the MOTORAIR VERSATILE AIRBAG VEST. At more than 1/2 the price of what other manufacturers are charging, I want to get as many of my fellow biker better protected. In fact, the owner decided to come up with this solution after a motorcycle accident in 1996. Yes, they are one of the pioneers in this field and they even OEM for other famous brands worldwide...visit their site at

作為一個摩托車的騎士,我時常面臨不同的危​​險情況;像是粗心和短暫的白日夢,使用無線電話, 動物突然穿越馬路, 或其它無數的理由。 甚至一隻鳥的屍體, 都可以讓騎士發生非常嚴重的傷害。
除了你的頭外,我覺得保護第二最關鍵的部分是你的上半身。當然,你有你的HI- TEC護身盔甲,夾克,褲子,提供護襯墊和保護。但是,你的上半身仍需要在墜落時或撞擊過程中有一些緩衝。為此,我開始在世界各地的網路上尋找且價格合理的解決方案。大多數的人會因為價格太昂貴, 而寧願選擇購買另一件新夾克。
我發現一個很好且負擔得起的解決方案, 在MOTORAIR的AIRBAG VERSATILE氣囊背心。在其他廠商的均需超過其1/2的價格,我想為我的許多騎車的同胞提供更好的保護的建議。事實上,業主在1996年的一個摩托車事故後,便提出該解決方案,他們在這個領域的先行者之一,他們甚至OEM全球其他知名品牌......
    >> MOTOAIR摩托車安全氣囊及安全氣囊背心已經在許多國家銷售,挽救了無數車友和一個偉大的許多家庭,否則誰打破的生活。除了從保存騎士們的眾多來信表示感謝,媒體對於這一革命性的產品持續在許多國家播放。白宮也發出了一封信承認由於MOTOAIR安全氣囊防摔衣,保護地方警察部門的人身安全。
    >> 下面顯示的是關於例圖和感謝信

Thanks to MOTORCYCLE AIR BAG JACKET MOTOAIR 2000,when the traffic accident occurred,I safely went through the casualty. It happened one day while I was riding my motorcycle in the Paris streets.
All of a sudden, a man rushed out to the crossroad. In order not to bump into him, I fell from the motorcycle and slid on the ground for about 10 meters.?However, I was not hurt at all thanks to the MOTORCYCLE AIR BAG JACKET. Its air bag puffed up immediately and protected me from any damage might have happen originally. Moreover, the air bag jacket was still as good as new while even my leather gloves were rub to be broken! The air bag was puffed up at lighting speed and very protective, especially for the neck. Please kindly find enclosed the?drawing, indicating the place of the accident and the course of the event.
Therefore,I would like to express my great gratitude for the extraordinary inventor. I sincerely hope there shall be no more accident hereafter.

Best regards,
Yours truly,
Jeam Marc Jun

感謝 MOTOAIR安全氣囊防摔衣, 在我發生車禍事故時,讓我安全地經歷了這個過程,免於撞擊帶來的傷害。

Jeam Marc Jun

    Dozens of motorcyclists' lives could be saved every year if air bag jackets were made compulsory, accident and emergency doctors have said.

    >> The jackets are the equivalent of car air bags and inflate if the rider is thrown off during a crash.
In one version, the jacket is attached to the bike by a lead which detaches when the rider has come off suddenly.
The Department of Transport said it had no plans for a new law but said it welcomed anything to improve safety.

    >> Although motorcyclists make up just 1% of road users, they account for 20% of fatalities.
Figures for 2007 show that 561 bikers died on the roads.
Andy Parfitt, an A&E doctor at St Thomas' Hospital in London, said: "There is a shocking number of deaths of motorcyclists on the roads. I think dozens of lives could be saved if these jackets were made compulsory.
"It stopped me from rolling as well. It stops the bounce. I think it's the bounce when you're crashing at speed that hurts you" Stuntman Rob Hunt after testing an air bag jacket.

2007年數據顯示,561位騎士死亡於道路上。 安迪•帕菲特 醫生在倫敦聖托馬斯醫院,說:“摩托車騎士在道路上的死亡有一個令人震驚的數字,我認為,如果這些外套可以被強制性立法將可拯救無數條人命。
    >> >Dr Parfitt, a keen biker, said: "There's no question that what the jackets do afford is, they protect a motorcyclists' vital organs, neck and spine over and above the level that a normal jacket would do.
"A majority of deaths in motorcycle accidents are due to injuries to these vital organs that should be protected by these jackets."

    >> One rider whose experience underlines the kind of injuries that motorcyclists can receive in accidents is 32-year-old Dineth Wijayarathna.
He was involved in a crash two years ago on a private track that left him seriously injured.
He said: "I was doing about 130mph (210km/h), the rear wheel suspension failed on my motorcycle and I came off, broke my pelvis in two places, broke my back and broke a few ribs."
He needed two major operations, couldn't walk for six months and still feels the after-effects two years on.
"I've got a plate in the front of my pelvis with six bolts in it. I've got two 9cm (3.5in) bolts going through my pelvis into my spine," he said.
"It was awful. Not being able to walk, not being able to do normal bodily functions for such a long period of time wasn't the best fun."

一個32歲的騎士Dineth Wijayarathna回想意外發生的經過.
兩年前他在一個道路上發生了車禍,嚴重的傷害到身體,因為他並沒有做任何的防護措施。 他說:“我當時的時速有130英哩(210公里),後輪懸架發生問題,導致我摔車跌倒了,我的骨盆有兩個地方破裂,我的背,及幾根肋骨也斷裂了。”

Dineth Wijayarathna雖然幸運地活著,但在車禍發生時摔斷了他的背部和骨盆。

    >> There are different types of air bag jackets on sale in the UK, which cost up to twice as much as standard jackets.
One version, sold by Point Two, is attached to bikes by a lead and, if the wearer falls off, that triggers a small gas canister that inflates the jacket in less than one fifth of a second.
The spine is then held tight and the air bag protects the area between the neck and pelvis.
Newsbeat gave one of the jackets to Rob Hunt, a stuntman for 12 years.
He said afterwards: "It just stops you from going anywhere. It's tight. It's protecting all around my ribs."
"It felt as though I was picked up off the floor and I was on the air bag. It was just like gliding on air.
"It stopped me from rolling as well. It stops the bounce. I think it's the bounce when you're crashing at speed that hurts you."

Newsbeat給了Rob Hunt一個替身演員一件外套有12年之久。他事後說:“安全氣囊防摔衣穩固的保護我的肋骨所有範圍。這感覺就像我掉落在地上之前,就被接住了,而且我躺在氣囊上面,就像滑行在空中。我在滾動時,氣囊攔住了我,停止了接下來可能會發生的傷害。“

    >> Princess Anne's daughter, 29, was competing in Enschede, Holland, when her horse lost his footing at a jump. The Queen's granddaughter was thrown into the water when High Kingdom slipped. But Miss Phillips was protected when the airbag jacket she was wearing inflated immediately after being activated by a rip cord on her saddle. Miss Phillips, the twelfth in line to the throne, was eliminated from the competition because of the fall. The Military Boekelo is the biggest outdoor sporting event in The Netherlands and one of the most important equestrian events in the world.


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